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Offering a wide range of Respirable Dust Sampler, PM 2.5 Sampler, Independent Gaseous Pollutant Sampler, Handy Sampler, Personal Dust Sampler, Soap Bubble Meter, Wind Monitors etc...


About Us

Envirotech was formed in 1981 in New Delhi by a group of professionals to pioneer indigenous instruments to monitor the air environment. With the implementation of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act in 1981, environment consultancy offered the opportunity to test the instruments in diverse field settings. When the demand for the instruments grew rapidly, Envirotech reduced its effort in consulting activities in order to concentrate in the manufacturing of monitoring instruments.

A leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier, Envirotech Instruments continues to concentrate on progressive R&D to develop new instruments, Gas Sampling Attachment, facilities for quality control, calibration and opportunity in new markets. Envirotech is associated in its research and development with leading experts in national environment and energy research institutes, laboratories and universities. Instruments are independently tested by government testing agencies. They meet or exceed the primary standard methods of the Central Pollution Control Board and the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India. At the same time, these calibrated instruments are reliable and able to withstand India's harsh environment with extremes of humidity and temperature, erratic power supply and severe operating conditions. The equipment are required to run round-the-clock without the demands of climate control facilities usually needed for on-line models. Envirotech's in-house R&D Center has obtained official recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

The market for Envirotech air pollution monitoring instruments is all over India with thousands of our clients. Clients include over 1000 industries, Pollution Control Boards, academic and research institutions and consulting companies.

Due to appropriate technology and suitability of use in warm tropical climate, Envirotech instruments became popular in neighboring SAARC countries. International business spread to other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Egypt. Again, initial consultancy services were overtaken by sales of air monitoring instruments. Additional business opportunities and emerging markets are developing in other countries of South & South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Envirotech's instruments adds one to two new instruments each year to its range of products. At this time, Envirotech markets 12 different instruments and specialized support parts for the following-

  • Gas Sampling Attachment
  • Monitoring emissions from stationary sources
  • Measuring community air quality
  • Monitoring environment in the workplace
  • Monitoring metrological conditions, such as local ind characteristics and atmospheric stability
  • Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (CAAQMS).

Growth of Envirotech has been steady. It started with an annual turnover in 1982 of only US $ 10,000. Now the annual turnover is over a million US dollars. Envirotech has a staff of 40 comprising 10 engineers and 20 technicians. The others are involved in the marketing and administration. Envirotech uses its own covered area, measuring 5000 square feet at A-271, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I in New Delhi., India.

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